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Bloglines Plumber in Action

Posted by Allanah King on 31st March 2007

Today I got a message from the Bloglines plumber telling me that Bloglines was having a bit of down-time! It got me thinking about how much I now rely on these Web2.0 RSS tools to bring the internet to me. I subscribe to podcasts, personal blogs, edublogs, class blogs, kids blogs, wikis, Flickr photos and […]

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Access-It Library Version 8

Posted by Allanah King on 28th March 2007

On Monday I had the opportunity to attend two development sessions in one day. The first being a morning-only session on using the new version of our library software package Access-It V8. It was very intense and the room filled with people with a range of roles all charged with the digital cataloguing of their […]

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Our Waterways Wiki Collaboration

Posted by Allanah King on 21st March 2007

Today I took my class on a field trip to test the health of the local Waimea River. It did not go as planned as the massive high tide kept pushing the fresh water up onto the bank and we coudn’t access all the interesting waterlife we wanted to find. We did have the chance […]

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Tapped In

Posted by Allanah King on 20th March 2007

Through my links with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach I am involved in an e-mentorship with pre-service teachers at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, USA. The exercise is a wonderful learning experience for me probably more so than for the pre-service teachers! The idea is that we use Tapped In to discuss questions of interest […]

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Sheryl’s Blog Post

Posted by Allanah King on 19th March 2007

Sheryl has been hampered in her blogging by our lack of connectivity and time spent in the sunshine sampling the culture of New Zealand. She is now in Wellington where she delivers another keynote and workshop series. She has however recounted some of her exploits since landing on our shores on her blog 21st Century […]

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Our podcast

Posted by Allanah King on 19th March 2007

Just to prove that I am part of the n-generation here is a YouTube video of one of our podcasts. You could also listen to more of our podcasts  on our Podomatic page. [youtube]j_hg2WQ5EtY[/youtube]

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Pageflakes – an alternative home page

Posted by Allanah King on 19th March 2007

Here is a Web2.0 tool that Sheryl put me on to called Pageflakes. With this handy tool and the power of RSS you can easily pull in any content you want right on to one page. You quickly do the usual sign up thing and you are away. Anything with an RSS feed will embed […]

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TUANZ 2007

Posted by Allanah King on 18th March 2007

After a great deal of anticipation on my behalf the TUANZ2007 conference came to Nelson at last. It was a very much an ICT packed day as, as I was checking my morning emails Beth Sullivan from Horace Mann Elementary School in Binghamton, New York skyped me. It was very close to their school home […]

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Tiny Ted, our geocaching bear

Posted by Allanah King on 12th March 2007

This page is really a tribute to a little friend of ours who is soon to leave us on the second big adventure of his life. He arrived from 13,000 miles away from Cefn Fforest School in the valleys of south Wales through our podcasting friend, Paul Harrington. While in New Zealand he got me […]

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How to make a Blogger blog

Posted by Allanah King on 10th March 2007

Some time ago I made a ‘how to’ on making a blogger blog and then a follow-up on how the improved layout sections work and how to get rid of the problematic NEXT BLOG feature in the Blogger navigation bar. You may also like to play with my Bling For Your Blog blog which outlines […]

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An online discussion in Elluminate

Posted by Allanah King on 6th March 2007

I wanted to be the first blogger to talk about our online discussion about technology issues facing New Zealand teachers that Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Miguel Guhlin hosted this afternoon in Elluminate. I hiked off after school to Brightwater School, a ten minute drive, to catch up with Janice, Sheryn and Dobbie for a discussion with […]

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How we link together

Posted by Allanah King on 4th March 2007

This interactive Genealogy of Influence Touchgraph website shows in a clever graphic form how the things we do affect and influence others. It will take a minute to load so be patient. It would be a wonderful tool to show children with a little snippet of knowledge thrown in. Click on one person and the […]

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Sir Ken Robinson- creativity

Posted by Allanah King on 3rd March 2007

I am not sure where I came across this TED video last year. I think it might have been a link in Greg’s blog. We watched it again at Learning at School in Rotorua. Sir Ken Robinson is a wonderfully entertaining and enlightening speaker. well worth listening to again. The link above will take you […]

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Playing with Flickr & Talkr

Posted by Allanah King on 3rd March 2007

You may have noticed the little Listen to this Podcast thingee at the end of each post. It is from Talkr- a very cool Web2.0 tool that, through the joys of RSS, reads your post back to you as long as its not too long! Also Edublogs lets you insert your Flickr photos in similar […]

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The Millenium Child

Posted by Allanah King on 3rd March 2007

The video speaks for itself really. The possibilities are endless. [youtube]EwL0G9wK8j4[/youtube]

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Policy and Privacy

Posted by Allanah King on 3rd March 2007

I have linked three pdf files on our school’s cyber safety policy and guidelines which people may like to adapt for their own school use. Netsafe have a heap of valuable resources but they can be very verbose and aimed more at secondary schools. Student Computer Use Computer-use Privacy Guidelines

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TUANZ Conference

Posted by Allanah King on 2nd March 2007

The next thing to look forward to is the Telecomunications Users Association of New Zealand Conference which is coming to Nelson on 16 March.

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Learning at School in Rotorua

Posted by Allanah King on 2nd March 2007

On Wednesday the Learning at School Conference started properly. Here Nikki and I sit ready for a session on Building an Engaged Thinking Classroom. See that other man- he doesn’t have a computer! That is because we ‘borrowed’ his computer for this photo! The highlight of the conference for me, apart from being able to […]

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