An online discussion in Elluminate

I wanted to be the first blogger to talk about our online discussion about technology issues facing New Zealand teachers that Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Miguel Guhlin hosted this afternoon in Elluminate.

I hiked off after school to Brightwater School, a ten minute drive, to catch up with Janice, Sheryn and Dobbie for a discussion with the TUANZ keynote speakers.


Janice was on a PC- sans microphone- so had to change to a trusty Mac!

Once we got the technical aspects sorted Janice was really excited by the possibilities of using such technology to discuss ICT with Sheryl live! It was really nice to be able to share the experience with other keen people and share the fun of playing with a new piece of technology. So simple to use but so effective!

Sheryl and Miguel asked us some probing questions about the NZ’s ICT landscape to better inform themselves before the conference begins and to also generate discussion among ourselves.

I believe the transcript is going to be posted on the TUANZ wiki at some stage. Please forgive our burblings. It is all just nervous excitement.

5 thoughts on “An online discussion in Elluminate

  1. I’m so annoyed I had to leave early!! I really like Elluminate ashame it costs! I did find it tricky listening to discussions and contributing to text based discussions at the same time though. Does that mean I’m old? 🙂

  2. Yr not old. Yr only a young thing!

    Here is another thing that Dave Warlick taught me. I can have an RSS feed for the comments as well so I know straight away when someone has commented! I love RSS. So that makes me a geek and proud of it I think! I think I will get a T-shirt made.

  3. Sounds like your online discussion was a good one! Did you know that Elluminate vRoom is now available. It’s a 3-seat version of Elluminate Live! with almost all the functionality. And best of all it’s FREE! While not suitable for large groups, it’s great for one-on-one discussions, tutoring, interviews, application sharing for training, web site reviews, document sharing, etc. If you want to check it out, visit

    PS. You do get used to doing chat and voice at the same time!

    – Beth Gallob, Elluminate Consultant

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