Flixn.com and Second Life

A great find from Jane Nicholls of ICTUCAN podcasting fame.


I can see lots of uses for this little Web2.0 tool. It reminds me of Bubbleshare except that you use a webcam instead of still images. Flixn.com embeds in Blogger and I am trying here to see if it will embed into Edublogs as well (it doesn’t BTW).

I can’t wait until I get my new computer with a webcam attached. Roll on October, Apple! I will let Jane speak for herself. Click on the photo to see it working.

Jane, Sheryl and I had a play in Second Life today as well. Jane showed me around David Warlick and Will Richardson‘s Office. It was a bit of a cheek really and I virtually blushed when Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach turned up and we introduced ourselves. Image We were impressed when Sheryl flew about the place and started moving the furniture! We tried to have a group photo but the couch was too small and I am not very good at sitting down!

I keep on bumping into things. My avatar is a skinny young thing and my name is Scrumples Schnyder so if you see a skinny young thing with the name Scrumples Schnyder repeatedly bumping into walls do come up and say hello!

I have been a bit scathing of Second Life but it was way much more fun with a guide to give you a few tips on how to open doors & the like and meeting up with a friend as well. I will have a bit more of a play with this one.