I just got this email in from ULearn07 organising committee. I really lashed out this year and volunteered to facilitate a couple of sessions and was accepted for both.

The ULearn07 Conference programme committee are pleased to inform you that your workshop/presentations entitled “Getting connected globally with podcasting” and “Adding bling to your blog” have been accepted.

Details such as room and breakout allocations will be available on the Ulearn website under the presenters tab www.ulearn.org.nz within the next two weeks.

I am looking forward to flying up to Auckland in the school holidays (3-5 October) with other members of our Waimea-South ICT cluster to the conference at the Skytower and hearing Ewan McIntosh keynoting F2F. It will be a shame that I won’t be getting paid to be there though. I am the taking ten weeks of Term Three as leave without pay to care for my mum who has just last week been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease. As I am not getting paid for the pupil contact time I am also not getting paid for the non-pupil contact time! Mum is booked to be our cluster mascot at the conference but we will have to see how it goes. We spent this morning having ultra-sound and ECG scans at the hospital. Again where would we be without the use of technology- we were lucky enough to get the brand new ultra-sound machine that played Star Wars like lazar sounds as it captured frames! Mum was unimpressed- I thought it was very cool!

Being the  digital native that Marc Prensky thinks I’m not the internet has been a vast pool of information about Parkinson’s Disease, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Knowing what we are up against is better than not knowing- and ‘just in time’ learning is what was needed.

With ten weeks to craft my presentations I am sure they will be just fab (Paul Harrington). Looking forward to networking with y’all (David Warlick) if you can make it.

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  1. It will feel very odd to NOT be at ULearn this year. We are expecting lots of you to be blogging like mad 🙂
    Thinking of you as you get things ‘sorted’ with your mum! The kids are going to miss you, and we have enjoyed skyping in spanish a lot.
    You don’t have to give back the laptop do you?? LOL. I have subscribe to your del.icio.us feed in my bloglines – and am loving seeing all the things you find.
    Greg 🙂

  2. I am gone but not forgotten. By my kids at least!

    My nine year olds are into on-line collaboration in a big way and I have been enjoying their content that they are creating over the holidays.


    I hope it continues with the relieving teacher.

    My laptop is my own- won in a radio competition so that is OK and although i won’t be getting paid you can bet I will still be getting Apple’s new OS when it comes out later in the year!

  3. I’m really looking forward to meeting a lot of the bloggers that I know through their words. It’s actually an eternal problem, not knowing what people *look* like 😉 I also think the two things you’re talking about will tie in really nicely to some of the points I’m making in the talk. I’ll be there with my wife and as yet unborn daughter, too, so it’s a bit of a busman’s holiday for us all!

  4. Yay – excellent news, well done Allanah. I do hope that your mum will be able to make the trip! A comment from Ewan as well – can’t be bad :). I know that you will have a great time at ULearn. I will have to try to win the National Lottery to be there!
    You know also the great support that you have from your friends around the globe at this time…

  5. Hi Allanah,

    I’ve also been accepted to run a session at ULearn about Online Publishing so we must meet up at some point in Auckland. I am sad to hear about your mum but I am sure she appreciates the support she is getting from you.

    We are having an Expo as a cluster tomorrow so hope it all goes to plan!

    Talk to you later
    Suzie Vesper

  6. Hey it’s great to hear you and Rachel are doing some workshops Allanah. I’m wrapt that we have some Southern flavour in the conference! Go get em girl :+)

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