Second Life and Real Life

There has been quite a discussion in the Blogmeister forums about Imageshowing images of children on class blogs. The debate goes on about whether or not we should post children’s photos. I think it is great that we in NZ aren’t that paranoid as to believe that everyone is a potential child molester stalking class websites for victims but with this Reasonably Clever website you can create your own avatar out of lego and put that on your blog instead. I know a couple of boys in my class that will love a go at this! Here is my creation.

At the same website they combine lego with Comic Life and make clever cartoons. Kids would enjoy that as well.


Talking of other lives- Scrumples Schnyder, Jojash McMillan and Pippi Ballinger met up on the roof of the Bloggers Cafe in Second Life. I took a screen shot while we were sitting round the campfire chatting. Jojash is really good at it and she teleported me there in a flash and gave me a blogger’s T-Shirt. Over the last few days I have been tweeting a lot with Twitter as well- username AllanahK. Sherryl hinted that Twitter might be a fun thing to try. Another means of communicating with like minded individuals via the internet. I can even tweet through my cell phone and receive tweets via txt like Dave Warlick does!


And now to real life…

Through Twitter Jason Hando from Macarthur Anglican School in north Sydney put out a call for educators from around the globe to discuss their experiences using Web2.0 tools.The call was taken up by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Jen Wagner and my good self. I was aware I was boxing above my weight but am always up for new learning with others around the globe. These opportunities always present opportunities for me to learn as well as share.

Jason made a wiki to co-ordinate the venture. The concept was a fun one- that of speed dating!!! The idea was that participants would have 15 minutes to speak with each of the experts via Skype and then move on. Sheryl, Jen and Jen’s cat, Mac were on one computer and I had to hold the fort on the other. Scary stuff. I can really recommend you listen to Sheryl and Jen’s podcast which is much more eloquent that mine but here is the link anyway! Allanah’s chat with Sydney teachers.

3 thoughts on “Second Life and Real Life

  1. Wow!! You have been busy while I have been in the mountains cut off from the cyber world. One more vacation this weekend and I will be online more again.

  2. Hi Allanah,
    I am glad in NZ we aren’t so careful we can’t have the kids photos on blogs too. It is something my school does consider though and generally we try not to label the photo with the child’s name – that way their face can’t be identified as a particular name if a child was approached by a stranger etc. I must say that I am finding it increasingly difficult to follow this rule as I get more into blogging. I would really like to read some of the discussion – can you post a link on your blog to where the discussion is for me or email it to me? I’m not sure how else to find it….
    Love the lego idea – will have a play with that in a moment.
    Marnie Thomas (Auckland)

  3. Hi Allanah,
    Some really exciting things happening. What a good idea for the kids to use avatars in their blogs – they just love doing that. The only problem is getting around Schoolzone filters and allow those social websites into the school – I seem to be forever fighting this battle. Finally got Skype and YouTube allowed but a way to go yet.
    I can’t get Twitter or Elluminate and of course no way Second Life. Also can’t get Reasonably Clever so I will have to check it out at home.
    When are we going to be grown up enough to be trusted?
    I love what you are doing and keep up the good work.
    I would love some closer contact (I am in Auckland) and will try to get in touch with you.

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