Practising for Learning at School

Here is a little something I am playing with so that people who can’t be at Learning at School can join in via a live blogging session. We will have to see how it goes!!!!! Obviously- not well!

Maybe someone can help me- Twitter is down at the moment so I am on my own. I inserted the code from and I can see it all happening in the visual edit window of Edublog but when I publish I can see nothing!

I fired off an email to and got a prompt reply-

The consensus from users is that they do not allow iframes (that’s how our software appears on your blog) on the sites of their users. This is a very rare issue as globally there are almost no hosts who put this kind of restriction on their users. Many web based software applications are being delivered via iframe and we are hopeful they allow them in the near future. Your feedback to them would likely help the issue.

Here’s what the Edublogs help page says-

I want to embed videos, widgets and more in my posts and sidebar, but the code keeps on getting stripped out, what’s up? Unfortunately, for security reasons, you can’t paste code containing embed, javascript or iframes into your blogs… they’d allow hackers to bring down the site (they did at myspace!) so we need to be extra secure. However, you can click on the yellow ‘A’ button in your editor to embed pretty much any kind of movie and read the instructions in your ‘upload’ area (under your posting area) for how to embed other types of media.

Clay Burrell said that WordPress is the same- at least I now know it’s not just something I’m doing wrong. Clay sent me this link to a discussion about iframes and why they could potentially be bad. Miguel Guhlin and Dennis Richards have it going OK in their attempts. Thanks guys- my network is awesome. I will try it again with Blogger and see how it goes. If it works I can just put a link from this blog to Blogger and go that way. I am impressed with the service from’s help desk.

2 thoughts on “Practising for Learning at School

  1. Hi Allanah

    As I am not going to L@S this year for the first time in a long time, I do hope you get this going so I can follow from a distance.

    All the best in your new position


  2. Wow Allanah, this must be frustrating for you. Thank you soooo much for taking the time and trouble to try and find a way for those of us who can’t go to join in on the fun – you rock!

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