Regional Photography Roundup

I have been working with some schools learning how to take better digital photos and last week we were focusing on close-up photography. If you can touch it you can take a close up of it. We had six digital cameras to play with and achieved some stunning results to share and as our cluster website is still down this seems as good a venue as any other.

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Also Jane from Ngatimoti showed this innovative way of using digital photography with her Year 7/8 children. She had the children take photos of each other from a not often used perspective- looking down from the top of the playground. The photos were then printed in black and white and children used their drawing techniques to shade and sketch themsleves form this new perspective thus avoiding the usual, ‘it doesn’t look real’ thing that older children seem to care about when drawing. To add further impact the drawings were then cut out and mounted in 3D so it really looks like the characters are reaching up- awesome.

At Upper Moutere we have been meshing their Topic “All Aboard” with use of Kid Pix and photography to make a stunning array of name badges.

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3 thoughts on “Regional Photography Roundup

  1. Absolutely love the looking down perspective and sketching technique. I can’t wait to try this with my Year 7’s. What a fantastic lesson on so many different things. Thanks for sharing Allanah! Muchas Gracias!

  2. Great ideas for digital art. Our kindergarten children are competent kidpix users and are now downloading their photos – so this idea will be a creative format for art and ict extension.

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