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So it’s pretty much official with a visit yesterday from Brenda Frisk from NextSpace in Auckland. I have been invited to be an Adobe Educational Leader and have registered for the Adobe Educational Leader’s Institute in San Francisco. There are 118 others globally so it is quite an honour. We fly out in July for a week of fun, learning and frivolities.

I have been invited to join my fellow AELs at Adobe’s San Francisco office as well as San Francisco State University’s Multimedia Studies Program (MSP) for hands-on work with the latest Adobe technology and open discussions on best practices in teaching and learning with technology.

Adobe Education Leader 2008
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At the institute we will:

  • Take part in focused instruction on Adobe creative solutions.
  • Learn new ideas for integrating digital tools into the curriculum.
  • Talk with product managers and provide them with crucial feedback.
  • Hear the latest about Adobe technology and what it means for teachers.
  • Network and collaborate with fellow AELs on the latest innovations in teaching and learning with technology.

For a small town girl who has only ever been over the Auckland Harbour Bridge once it is a pretty big deal. It would never have happened if I had not opened my classroom walls and let people in through the power of Web2.0- blogging, wikis, podcasting, collaboration, networking and on-line creativity.

I will take you on this journey with me.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Educational Leader


    Wow I’m stoked for you! All this work you have done – investigating, creating, participating and sharing has opened doors for you :+)

    I look forward to following your journey here. It is most exciting.

    My wife and I are currently in Canada. Have just finished skiing in Whistler (so beautiful) and are now chilling (he he) with friends in Vancouver.
    We head to San Fransisco on our way out.

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