Animoto Educational Account

Good for Animoto for sharing their educational account so that teachers can now create longer than 30 second videos for free and download them for playing and keeping on your computer- great for playing and sharing if your internet is slow and spends a lot of time buffering.

As Ewan McIntosh says- it takes zero skill levels to create great videos. To access the educational side of Animoto use this link and ask Rebecca for an educational registration key. She does ask to be kept in the loop as to the kinds of things you are creating.

The quick example I made celebrates my first term as ICT facilitator for Discover IT Tasman.

2 thoughts on “Animoto Educational Account

  1. Thanks heaps for passing this on Allanah – one of the teachers I passed it onto has already got it set up and ready for the upcoming term. She loves it! Heymilly

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