This is what I should NOT be doing!

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OK- I am deep in milestone reporting – crafting lofty statements that should focus on student learning outcomes and teacher professional development. What do I do? I show @efreeman down Christchurch way how to do Skype, chat with @achurches in Auckland and end up playing in iChat video with a couple of un-named types who I won’t name because they should be working too I suspect! Now that was very cool. I didn’t realise that we would all show up in video at the same time- we ended up morphing ourselves using PhotoBooth while we were chatting. A spot of light relief is a wonderful thing!

3 thoughts on “This is what I should NOT be doing!

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    A little lightheartedness can do a person a great deal of good. It may not please our bosses, but it may do more good ultimately then whatever they have on our to-do list.
    Dance like no one is watching!

  2. You describe the line between commitment and fun! Fun should always win. What does the song say? A spoonful of sugar…” No one ever mentions the size of the actual spoon! My sympathies on the whole Milestone report! I have managed to duck that workload and have only contributed to ours.

  3. You know that play is the best way to learn and look at how much fun you had in the process.
    And as to milestone reports… I to have ducked and just sent all the feedback and invoices, and events calendars and projections through to….. I guess I did not duck to much actually.
    C U in Tauranga


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