New Zealand is hosting the Time4Innovation Conference. Many NZ educators are participating through viewing video and adding to the discussion boards. Last week I enjoyed hearing Janice Gulbransen talking about leadership.

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This weekend I watched to TATV – a group of Te Awamutu students shared their voice. To hear what the students have to say about how they want to be taught and what they want to be taught click on the 2008 folder and view the video “You Have a Message.” Both videos are thought provoking and worth taking a moment out of your busy day to watch.

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  1. Thanks for helping us to find the some of the best videos to go and check out. I’ve got a video posted for the Community section of the Online Conference which goes live tomorrow. Your time settings must be a little out as it says that you posted this on the 3rd of June and as far as I can tell, it is still the 2nd!

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