A Beautiful Way to Search Flickr

Sue Wyatt (@tasteach) twittered this link to Tag Galaxy for a visually stunning search engine for Flickr photos. You enter a tag, refine it and then see what your search finds for you. Absolutely stunning.

Tag Galaxy
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!
Tag Galaxy
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Speaking of photos- I hit a wall tonight. I ran out free storage of my Flickr photos so had to bite the bullet and pay some of my hard earned dollars on a pro account- the benefits of which are unlimited storage, a unique named URL, viewing and creation of sets- and the ability to upload high quality video. This makes it in into the elite league of things I have paid for on line out of my own money.

Tools I have paid for are Quicktime Pro, Call Recorder for Skype and now Flickr. Oh! And one download of our big Voicethread. All the rest that I can think of are freeware, donated or paid for through school. There are a few freeware applications that I use so often that I would pay for if I had to but I shall keep them a secret in case they actually ask for cash.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Way to Search Flickr

  1. Aah, thanks, now I get it. I read Tasteach’s ‘tag galaxy’ tweet and noticed the amount of images listed but thought it was a thesaurus application. I hadn’t refined my search nor clicked on “view…photos” (duh!) It’s beautiful!

  2. I think Flickr pro is one of the best things I have spent my own money on. Those high quality videos to embed in other projects make it worth while on their own. I had to be honest when I was at Google and admit that Flickr was my photo sharing home of choice – oops! There is so much to love about it that I reckon I could run a literacy programme in a classroom with a Flickr Pro account on its own. Good on you for splashing out.

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