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Call in the Technician

Posted by Allanah King on 26th August 2008

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Last Friday night I called in the experts. Before heading off to San Francisco I bought myself a 500GB wireless Time Capsule that took 72 hours to do the back-up. Hardly lightning speed! And it only backed up once after that. Even after a two hour call to a help desk […]

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Posted by Allanah King on 22nd August 2008

I spent yesterday afternoon learning more about ClickView- the powerful video resource add-on to ‘The Loop’. Last year I had the opportunity to participate in an afternoon session of a similar ilk but it didn’t mean much as we didn’t have access to The Loop at that stage. This time round it was powerful in […]

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Collaboration Links

Posted by Allanah King on 18th August 2008

A number of schools and classes in my cluster are now blogging in earnest and getting plenty of feedback and interaction flowing from it. Now they are ready to take it to the next level and go out their and use their blogs to foster links outside their classrooms and schools. For me that collaboration […]

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On Voicethread and Blogging

Posted by Allanah King on 11th August 2008

I am heading off to Blenheim on Friday for a workshop on Voicethread. They want a paper handout to go with it so I made one and updated the Bling4yrblog Voicethread post while I was on a roll. If you would like a copy of the paper handout pdf click here. These sorts of things […]

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A Fusion of Art and Technology

Posted by Allanah King on 8th August 2008

This video found by lurking on Dean Shareski‘s blog blends and fuses art in the 21st century. Bill Hanson’s work is amazing.

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Virtual Highway

Posted by Allanah King on 8th August 2008

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Paul Wilkinson just posted this rather excellent find- Virtual Highway- which is a wonderful Google mash-up of a Google map of New Zealand and video of what the drive actually looks like. As the video plays a little car moves along the highway keeping in synch with the video. Here is […]

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On Line Sexual Predators- Myth and Fact

Posted by Allanah King on 4th August 2008

I came across this link in my blogroll that I thought might be worth sharing with parents who are concerned about the consequences of their children using the internet. Art Wolinsky, the Educational Director of Wired Safety presents via a web survey the facts and myths behind on line sexual predators. To view the presentation […]

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Timez Attack- a new way to learn your tables

Posted by Allanah King on 4th August 2008

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Here is another great find that came to me from my Twitter network- Timez Attack via Barbara Read, @Barbs1. It is a downloadable game for PC or Mac. I downloaded the free base version. The full version has the same basic facts learning but without the extra levels of complexity. This […]

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