On Voicethread and Blogging

I am heading off to Blenheim on Friday for a workshop on Voicethread. They want a paper handout to go with it so I made one and updated the Bling4yrblog Voicethread post while I was on a roll.

If you would like a copy of the paper handout pdf click here. These sorts of things are good for me because I delve more deeply into these Web2.0 tools and this time uploaded a video to the Voicethread and did a spot of doodling which I hadn’t done before. You may like to look at the full page version by clicking here.

Thanks to all the good folks who commented so quickly on this new play Voicethread. It will definitely show people how useful they can be for fostering global links. You rock.

If you are a loss of what to do between 4-5pm this Wednesday 13 August you may like to join us in a conversation about blogging arranged by Angela Page of Centre4 fame. To participate ring the audio bridge at 0800 693363 PIN 1506#

Angela posted these ‘Rules of Engagement’.

  • Please dial in between 3.50 – 3.55pm (and no later) as this interrupts the flow of conversation after 4pm
  • You may record your name after the tone and then hold to join the conference
  • Log off after 5pm please, and not before, as this interrupts the flow of conversation
  • To mute, press *6
  • To come off mute, press #6
  • You are most welcome to bring your questions, ideas, experiences
  • To speak, state your name and then ask your question or respond to a discussion point
  • You may experience some over-talking, but please be patient and continue when there is a pause in conversationEnjoy!

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