Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award

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I am very proud to say that I an one of the twelve New Zealand finalists in the 2008 Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Teachers Award. I have been beavering away at making a poster to present at ULearn08.

The poster space is about 1mx2m so I have plenty of space to fill. Here is my centrepiece. There will no opportunity for interactivity where I have to present my poster so I made this interactive one that people will have to come to my blog to access it. All of the watermarked photos lead to blog posts that illustrate how I create, innovate, communicate and collaborate.

It took me ages to hyperlink the photos- you could test drive it for me!



For a piece of frivolity I had to share this gem. Play a track in iTunes and go COMMAND + T. This incredible visualisation enthralls you while you listen- the movie doesn’t do it justice in the flesh- it is just stunning.

The track is a Beowulf soundtrack: ‘Hero Comes Home’.

Now It Seems More Real


Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

After quite a bit of deliberation and a fair bit of angst I have made my ULearn08 selections. Fickle creature that I am a few of the my, ‘I really want to go to that,’ sessions were on in times that I was presenting myself. It’s a shame my two tasters are in different breakouts. I think I will just try and gatecrash the second half of someone else’s workshop when I have finished. Such is life!

Also of course really looking forward to catching up and spending time with good friends from overseas & closer to home and also meeting people I have met through my network who I feel I know but who I probably won’t recognise unless they come dressed as their avatar!

Breakout One- Keeping Competencies Complex- what happens when we listen to kids? Jennifer Carteris & Robyn Foster. I want to see how other people are getting to grips with the key competencies in the new curriculum.

Breakout Two Taster- Twitter- building your network. Twitter ID.

Breakout Three Taster- Cool Adobe Applications for Free. Me.

Breakout Four- Podcasting. Wiki.

Breakout Five- Network Literacy- Levering the Potential of a Hyperlinked World. Will Richardson. A F2F session will be great.

Breakout Six- Marina View Television- Colin Gover. Using my copy of Adobe Visual Communicator with my fellow Adobe Educational Leader.

Breakout Seven- Unconference. To play and learn and twitter and Skype I should imagine!

Now I thought I would offer a little something to the Unconference- any requests???

Ewan McIntosh’s Perfect Tools for planning an Unconference sounds like a lot of fun but I wonder if people would go for it. I think it would be just grand if we could have enough people that wanted to share that we could run his People Picker– give everyone a bit of a look at something new , maybe Ustream it for Chrissy now in Bangkok and have a bit of a laugh. A bit of speed geeking would be the idea.

Hope everyone decides to go to the Breakout Seven Unconference so other people will be at the one that I go to.