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While I was working wirelessly at Parklands School today we were trying to do a little viewing of a Flickr video and it was all buffering annoyingly so I decided to do a speed test from Speedtest.net. When I got home I tried it again. I have what is supposed to be a very fast domestic broadband account- I was surprised at the difference. Parklands is on the Loop. Can’t wait to get back to my class next year and use The Loop and put it through its paces. Click on the graphic for a close up.


The other interesting thing that happened was that our Prime Minister, Helen Clark, was visiting while on the campaign trail for our forthcoming election. I thought I would wander over the road and have a bit of a look. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of people about so pulled out my trusty video recorder and fired off a few seconds of video. “Our Helen” is the lady in pink.

PM IN Motueka

2 thoughts on “Speed Test NZ

  1. So what questions did you ask Allanah? your video did not have them… I keen to hear what she has to offer education at primary/secondary level.

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t get close enough to ask her what her intentions were for education. Of particular concern for me, coming from a small school, is the possibility of school closures.

    Some time back Appleby was on the list of schools they were considering for closure along with a number of other small schools with 10 minutes drive of each other. I understand that running one larger school would probably cost less but for these three nearby communities the school is the focus of the sense of community.

    Without the school there would be no community- everyone would just drive to the big school in town. I think NZ is stronger because of small communities.

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