Involving Parents in the ICT happening at school

On Thursday I am chipping in my 5c into a conversation and ICT celebration at Mapua School. They have invited parents to come along to school and children are going to show them their blogs, Flickr & Delicious sites and other ICT projects they have been doing recently.


Then I am going to have a bit of a chat with them about how to help their children participate responsibly on the internet. To this end I have made a pdf resource that talks of how to make safe Google searches, cyber-safety using Hector’s World, awareness of your digital footprint and a ‘Think Before You Post’ video.

Apart from the content I am particularly pleased with the clever way I have been able to embed the video into the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Next year I would like to have a go at using this tool to create digital portfolios to add to children’s Google Apps page linked through our school website. How geeky is that!

11 thoughts on “Involving Parents in the ICT happening at school

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  2. Thanks for this session Allanah. The parents (shame it was only a small number!)there were appreciative of the information and hopefully will spread the word amongst the community. I have sent out your comprehensive handout to all families along with a step by step help sheet to encourage those not at your session to interact with our blogs and other social network tools.

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  4. Your welcome and thankyou for commenting back. My teacher Matthew recommended your blogs for our class to read so I thought I would react to it. They are very interesting. I am glad that the session went well.

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