It’s taken a year!

This little project has taken a year in the making. In the same way I have a 2009 to do list I had one for 2008 as well. David Kinane’s project ‘Intrepid Journeys’ gave me the inspiration. I had to go over to Motueka on Sunday to help a teacher with her home computer so it gave me the chance to cross another thing off my 2008 to do list. I set the camera up on a tripod on the passenger seat and set it to capture time lapse photos at the fastest refresh rate that the camera allowed which was 30 seconds. As I arrived in Motueka the compressed video lasted all of 4 seconds! When I got home I dropped it in to iMovie and slowed it down as much as I could, exported it and repeated myself. I then dropped a little FreePlay Music over the top to add a little interest. Thanks for the inspiration, David.

3 thoughts on “It’s taken a year!

  1. Yeah! You did it! Thanks Allanah another amazing journey to add to the collection! I love it down around Motueka, the road to Takaka would be a truly amazing journey to get on video. My brakes started to smell from over use on that road when I was in Golden Bay earlier this year. Thanks again.

  2. You are so good at keeping me motivated Allanah! I too have this on my 2008 to do list and I meant to do it before I left NZ bound for Thailand.

    What I need to do now (and you’ve provided me with the motivation) is to set my camera up in the back of the taxi on our next ride to the heart of downtown Bangkok. AND I’ve set myself the goal of having done by the time you arrive in January!

  3. Hi Allanah – that is pretty cool – if I know the length of the journey and count the frames I can work out haow fast you were going!
    If you set up your camera connected to I Can Animate then you can control it down to at least .5 of a second – Haven’t tried it any quicker.
    try it is the school playground – itis lots of fun.

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