Sunday Six

This is the first school holiday in a couple of years where I have had nothing to do  and I am relishing the early nights and late rising to bank a reserve of sleep that I can draw on when school starts again- yeah right!

As you can well imagine I have spent a fair amount of trolling the internet, twittering and exploring. Here are a couple of holidays finds that are worth more than a save to my delicious.

1. Ten YouTube URL Tricks– I often see embedded YouTube videos on class blogs and wonder if teachers realise how few clicks away from porn they think they are! With these easy tips you can disable the search box and links to related videos and more.

2. My Delicious– I have spent some time tidying up my on line bookmarks and putting them into tag bundles. @AngeNZ asked for a look through and I thought others may like a peek as well.

3. iPhoto09 Faces and Books. ImageI have just taught my iPhoto how to recognise photos of people and made a Photo Book of my recent overseas travels. That was so fun and the book of 68 pages ($122NZ) will be delivered in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait as I have seen the quality and professional look of iPhoto Books before but never actually made one. I could have printed it to pdf but thought I would push the boat out and have the hardcover book professionally printed.

4. Through Twitter links I have joined in on a couple of UStream professional development sessions in Canada and somewhere else. It doesn’t seem important really as to where the sessions were but thanks to Chris Harbeck for the invite to join in.

5. Drop Box– Drop Box is a handy Mac only tool- a bit like your own personal server to dump stuff onto between computers. You just install it on the computers that you want to be able to access your files on- in my case my home laptop and my TELA school laptop and it just sits in your top toolbar and you drop stuff in it to collect it from another computer. By recommending the tool to others I get a little extra storage but 3GB will suit me fine for the free version. Great for when a file is too big for an email and you can’t be bothered finding your flash drive.

6. Styks is a cross platform Pivot type animation free download in beta. Nice and easy for kids to handle- definitely in my 2009ToDoList.

    4 thoughts on “Sunday Six

    1. You have been having some fun. Thanks for passing on your findings. I bet it took a while to sort your iPhoto as you must have quite a collection. I hope you get your Photo Book quickly as I would love to see it on Friday 🙂

    2. Kia ora Allanah
      Thanks very much for the YouTube URL Tricks. In some of the early childhood centres that I am working with we have been very concerned about the carousel style videos that appear when we are watching YouTube videos, especially those that we put on our blog. Has been an ongoing Netsafe/Cybersafety issue – glad we have a resolution.


    3. I might be getting to this list a bit late in the piece but thanks for distracting me from work for awhile! Have been looking at Vodspot (an offshoot or Vodpod) and Fliggo as alternatives to YouTube for storing videos – YouTube would still need to be unblocked for embeds to work but you can collect videos together you are happy for the kids to have access to and they don’t have related video links etc.

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