Teaching Well


Darren Kuropatwa put together a slideshow of what it means to be Teaching Well. People were invited to add a slide each. My slide idea sort of came from my blog title and the view is across the bay from Nelson’s Rocks Road. Using Google Docs for this kind of collaboration was a new experience for me.

View the whole Google Doc presentation in its full screen glory, it’s rather good.

Last night in the OZ/NZ Flashmeeting Chris Betcher shared how to add collaboratively add geo-locations to forms created in a Google spreadsheet- (40 minutes into the session). Put your locations into a cell and select them, go insert, add a gadget and select map. I tried it after the Flashmeeting all on my own and it works, right down to my street address. Useful stuff you could use in all sorts of ways. Thanks Chris.

Spell it out with Google Earth

I just came across this rather fun use of Google Earth from Alan Levine. Look around your place and see if you can spell out your name by taking a series of screen grabs and putting them all together.


To do it find the images in Google Earth and take screen grabs (SHIFT APPLE 4). To put them all together I made duplicates of multiple use letters (Apple D), opened them up and did one long screen grab. Easy.


All the images were found within 5km of home base!