Blog Awards- not!

Sorry folks but after all our efforts our Moturoa class blog did not win the New Zealand Class Blog Awards. I feel gutted as we love our blog as it is a pivotal part of our on-line learning and great way to link class to family and to communicate with others. Through it I feel that I am not teaching alone and that others do care for what we do in our classroom. Maybe we shouldn’t have entered the competition at all and I wouldn’t be feeling this way. ‘Pride comes before a fall’ is the saying, I think. Our blog is just what it is- one of many. Maybe I had an inflated opinion of the worth of our class blog- it was in the final five after all. Not winning still feels like losing.

Before I started blogging personally, professionally and as a class I would never have dreamed of writing as a response to such an event and now that is the first thing I think of doing- to put my thoughts in writing. I think that I shouldn’t take it so personally but as we put so much energy and enthusiasm into it I have strong feelings about it. It is more than a ‘thing’- it is a growing, living entity.

Teaching is the sort of professional where I never feel I am ever good enough and the job is never properly done- the longer I teach the more I realise just how little I know about teaching. We can always do more, do better, work harder, achieve better results.

There are many wonderful blogs out there- like my school colleague, Raewyn’s,  class blog. Her blog, just doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves and she is starting to get disheartened by the lack of contributions from outside her classroom. Bloggers need to know that someone else apart from themselves are reading and contributing. She knows that people are viewing because her hit counter is ticking over but few are participating by actively leaving a comment. If you can spare a few minutes could you please go to Raewyn’s blog and leave her a comment to encourage her and pop back from time to time so she knows that she is not alone. I think sometimes we think that we can’t write something clever enough but just a sentence or two to lets the bloggers know that you are reading is enough.

If people do not take the time to comment on the others’ blogs it is really no better than writing on a piece of paper and hanging it on the classroom wall for a very limited audience. We all need the encouragement of others to continue.

Moturoa class blog is fortunate to receive the recognition that it does locally, nationally and internationally, even though we didn’t receive an award. We build into our blogging a time to reflect on the blog posts of others and leave comments. How do we build a feeling of a supportive community unless we continue the conversation by becoming actively involved?

I am tempted not to post this entry but seeing I have taken the time to write it I will hit the publish button. Writing it has helped me come to terms with not being successful.

Well done Clem from Outram School and Stephen from Hokowhitu.

Interface New Zealand Class Blog Awards

INTERFACE Awards 2009 2014 Inbox

I am very proud to say that my class blog has been nominated as a finalist in the Interface Magazine 2009 Class Blogging Awards.

The blog started from humble beginnings with me adding most of the content. Now it is mostly being added to by the children as we continue to link and learn with those outside the four classroom walls. If you go to the voting page linked from the graphic you can read more about the finalists, view their entries and vote.

Here comes the plug- please vote for Allanah King’s blog as I would love to have a little laptop to carry about. By voting you could win a 16GB flash drive as well.

Voting closes next Monday 19 of October so you haven’t got long.

Isn’t it nice how this blog and Interface share the same colour scheme!