Interface New Zealand Class Blog Awards

INTERFACE Awards 2009 2014 Inbox

I am very proud to say that my class blog has been nominated as a finalist in the Interface Magazine 2009 Class Blogging Awards.

The blog started from humble beginnings with me adding most of the content. Now it is mostly being added to by the children as we continue to link and learn with those outside the four classroom walls. If you go to the voting page linked from the graphic you can read more about the finalists, view their entries and vote.

Here comes the plug- please vote for Allanah King’s blog as I would love to have a little laptop to carry about. By voting you could win a 16GB flash drive as well.

Voting closes next Monday 19 of October so you haven’t got long.

Isn’t it nice how this blog and Interface share the same colour scheme!

One thought on “Interface New Zealand Class Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations on this achievement, this was fantastic news and I will have my fingers crossed for you (even though you are up against an EPS contender!!)

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