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Imagine if you will- it’s New Year’s morning and most people have retired for the night but a few of us on Twitter were hatching a plan. The plan started a little after midnight and finished, for me anyway, after 3am. That’s how long it took me to get started and be inspired by Chrissy Hellyer and Jude O’Connell to start a 365 Photo blog.

The idea is that you take a photo a day and post it on the web. I thought I would explore a different blogging platform that I hadn’t used before to avoid changing log ins. Some might say I have overdone this blogging thing with a family blog, a class blog, this edublog, the bling4yrblog, our podcast, microblogging with Twitter, Facebook. Linked In– whatever.

I chose WordPress to host my photos. With Jude’s prompting I chose the duotone theme from WordPress. The theme itself misses a few features that I would like but the great thing about it is that it samples your photos and automatically selects a similar coloured background. So here it is- now I’ve gone public I will HAVE to keep it going.  http://allanahphoto.wordpress.com/

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Here is a sample of how one of the photos looks in the theme. The duotone theme has a couple of limitations in that you can only post one image per post, it only allows three widgets and to get to a previous photo you click on the forward arrow- but you can’t have it all manuka!

The whole thing has gathered momentum and I am keen- not only because I have always loved taking photos but mainly because of the support and encouragement given by everyone in my blogroll who comments on my photos.

In a school context I am going to ask the children contribute in a similar sort of way to http://365project.org/. This was another platform that I started with but let go. Using this we get post every day and children can share their successes as they learn how to take better photographs.

In the past I have tried to keep a written diary but always lost interest- I think the thing that will keep me going with this project is having an authentic audience. The people who are also doing the project with us are awesome and give me a reason to keep trying.

My next step is to re-join the Nelson Camera Club.

One thought on “365 Photo Project

  1. It’s been a great journey – and for me all inspired by a friend across ‘the ditch’. I love seeing your pictures too! I’m only using an iPhone in my pics most of the time, but I’m loving keeping my photographer’s eye handy. My daughter has been inspired to get back into sharing her photography too and has started a challenge of her own. Good things on the web started in the wee hours of the first day of what will be a grand photographic year. Thanks!!

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