Publish your own book on your blog.

This last week I have been thinking more and more about going back to school and the things we might learn to do and projects to undertake. I have found a couple of cool tools over the holidays that are well worth sharing.

Here is the first…

With this little tool you quickly upload a pdf and voila- you have an embeddable book for your blog.

(If you’re on an Apple and you want to make a pdf go FILE – PRINT – Then look in the bottom left of the box you see and it will say PDF, click and go SAVE AS PDF. If you’re on a PC look in my Delicious for a downloadable pdf converter that suits you.)

Using it on my class blog for our first newsletter I made my font size very big so you wouldn’t have to zoom in to read the text. You can flip and turn the pages, download and print it off. Here is an instructional pdf I have been revisiting getting ready for a foray to visit @inneskennard country in March.

How to make a Blogger blog

Click on the graphic to see it in action- page turn icons are down the bottom right hand corner!

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