365 Photo Challenge

Two whole months have gone by and I have managed to keep my New Year’s Resolution going and I have uploaded a photo every day to my WordPress Photo Blog. Admittedly I have stockpiled a few to use when school is all I get to think about in a day but I am quite pleased with myself. A big part of maintaining the interest is gaining inspiration from looking at other people’s photos and receiving feedback from people viewing my photos.

Here is a summary of two months worth of photos. Thanks team.

Jan/Feb 2010

3 thoughts on “365 Photo Challenge

  1. Wahoo! Two months and still going strong! Well done! There’s a few days when I struggle to be inspired – but I’m still hanging in their too! Last year I embedded a flickr slideshow in my blog every few months to show all the photos so far – but I think this year I’ll do the same as you and make a movie file every two months! Thanks for the continued inspiration!
    Rock on the next two months!!

  2. Congratulations on making it through your first two months! As you will have noticed, I also am a ‘batch’ person and last year decided to stop beating myself up if I didn’t get to take a photo every day. It’s certainly made the project more enjoyable (and less stressful) for me. I look forward to your next ten months! 🙂

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