Where do you hope learning that uses ICTs will be in 5 year’s time?

Picture 4I have been asked to write a few sentences for the Education Review Publication on where I hope learning that uses ICTs will be in five years time. In case my responses never end up going to print here is what I wrote…

  • In five years I would hope that all schools would have reliable access to ultra fast broadband so they can access the work of others and  effectively publish content that they have created. Alongside this children need appropriate hardware and a decent  wireless connection to connect to that network. In five years time I envisage that we will have more access to more mobile devices because of their portability, price and popularity.
  • I see cloud computing being more and more prevalent. It just makes sense to able to access web based resources where and when you need them without the need for a specific operating system or device but I see the lack of bandwidth as a major challenge.
  • I would hope that many more parents would be able to participate in their children’s learning through sharing their children’s learning journeys on line — through blogs, wikis, e-portfolios and on-line collaboration.
  • I see social media playing more of a role in on line learning. People are social animals and we can learn so much directly from others who form part of our personalised learning network.

What would YOU write?

5 thoughts on “Where do you hope learning that uses ICTs will be in 5 year’s time?

  1. I would like to see e-learning being genuinely seamless between the sectors, from early childhood through to tertiary education. Online collaboration should not stop because a student enters a new phase in their education, nor should it be determined by their teacher’s/tutor’s level of understanding or willingness to teach using ICTs.

  2. 6 words …. “no one cares, no one notices!”
    We don’t get all orgasmic about felt pens any more, lets hope for the same for ICT. Just a tool that is udes where and when it is the best tool and the best solution; and supports the LEARNING.
    See u at ULearn 🙂

  3. Oh Greg

    I’m not so sure. I do like a nice pen every now and again. And I have seen teachers go all dewy eyed over a nice bit of cardboard.

    I went out and did a bit of solo geocaching today for the very first time. I am beginning to see the power of mobile computing. It’s a bit like trying to explain Google Apps without seeing inside them- you have to have a mobile, ubiquitous device to see how useful they could be.

    Yes I do like the idea of ‘no one cares, no one notices’. Do you think five years is long enough for that to happen?

    It would be great if it was.

    See ya.

  4. It is very rewarding to see my Y1 class confidently using computer activities integrated across a number of curriculum areas. My only hope is that the Teacher Training institutions are providing quality programmes of instruction for all our future 21st century teachers so that we can continue to see the ongoing development of learning with ICTs and also to
    support the home-school partnership that will foster understanding of these teaching tools.

  5. Hi Allanah

    I hope that in 5 years time we are better at talking and providing evidence as to how ICT can improve learning. To get to this stage we need to be more reflective and critical about the ICT tools and strategies we use today. Let’s be weary of some of the ICT hype and more focused on what the student is learning.

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