Starting a You Tube Video at a specific point

I was chatting to Warren Hall last night and wanted to show him our old Austin A40 from a family video that I had put on YouTube over Christmas but it was seven minutes into it. He very cleverly showed me how to do it. So easy and it’s something I thought would be tricky. You probably know how to do it already but I certainly didn’t. I am putting it here so I can recall it if I forget. And it’s good to share new learning 😉

Screen shot 2011-02-13 at 12.51.25 AM

So to get a You Tube video to start at a specific point you play it to where you want it to stop, pause it and see how far into the video it is and then tag #t= on to the end of the URL along with the time in minutes and seconds like in the screen grab and hey presto.
Give it a try- it’s very handy!

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