Apple Distinguished Educator

Over the Christmas school holidays I had put a considerable amount of time into thinking about and applying to be an Apple Distinguished Educator. Tonight that effort paid off with an email of acceptance into the programme. I am humbled by the calibre of those who applied and missed out and of those that applied and were accepted. Kia kaha. Kia manawanui.

I am also humbled by the number of congratulatory tweets I got after I did my happy dance on Twitter. What a hoot. I was top trending topic on Twitter there for a moment. I never knew there was such a thing. You learn something new every single day.

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 12.59.41 AM

Here is there press release for the programme…

“The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program began in 1994, when Apple identified key educators from around the globe who were emerging as leaders in the field of educational technology. Today, after 15 years, this community now consists of over 1,500 educators worldwide who utilise technology to impact how we educate students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Apple is pleased to welcome me as one of the 40 newly selected members for the ADE Class of 2011 in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about this group of innovative educators online at

Practically it means that we go to Sydney in April for four days of networking and training for the Apple Institute in Newport. What an adventure that will be.

Here is my video that I made as part of the application.

ADE Application