iPad Sharing #2- Podcast

Over the weekend Chris Betcher rang to ask if I’d like to Skype into a chat about our best and brightest iOS apps- iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone. Not one to turn down an invitation I got myself organised. In the conversation also were Deon Scanlon from Slide to Learn and our own Andrew Churches with a visit from Amanda Mirrinan.

To listen you can either listen directly from Chris’ blog post but better still subscribe to his podcast in iTunes. That way you can stop and start it easily at your leisure or listen on the way to work.

Chris has hyperlinked each of the apps as well. Cheers Chris.


Child, Parent, Grandparent, Teacher

photoTonight I had the privilege of being in a friend’s classroom soon after the bell went on Friday afternoon. A family group had come in to ‘see how things were going’ and show the classroom to visiting family. As they were walking about looking at the classroom displays Sherryn showed the family inside the child’s KnowledgeNet page. I whipped my trusty iPhone out and recorded the conversation. She was sharing a graph that children had constructed. She then used Jing to record the conversation with the child about the graph and uploaded it to KnowledgeNet to share with whanau at home but as they were in the room they could see it on the big screen.

It was great to see the whole thing coming together.