QR Codes #2

OK next idea is to put QR codes on some books to link to added content or multimedia. As a test run I found a YouTube video on Jo Fothergill’s Facebook page that was an interpretation of Craig Smith‘s ‘The Wonkey Donkey’ Book which also has an iPad eBook option. For overseas readers you should know The Wonky Donkey won the 2009 NZ Children’s Choice Book Awards.


To make a QR code for it I went Google’s URL shortner http://goo.gl/ and copied and pasted the URL into it. As long as you are signed in to Google you will see details. Click on it.

For some reason it shoots you to the bottom of a page. Scroll up and you will see the QR code. As easy as that.

Print that code off and stick it on the book cover. Easy as!

I will do a few more for next week’s QR code exploration. Yay- the QR Code even works from this photo of the book.

3 thoughts on “QR Codes #2

  1. What a brilliant idea. I love it. Another idea is to tell the story of things around the school and then attach a QR code to them. For example we have a carving in the foyer that was donated to school. We could record the story of the carving and attach the QR code next to it. I love the idea of using it to link to video like this. QR codes linking to a video interview with the artist would be brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now that’s another great idea.

    My goal this term is to try something new and different with QR codes each week. So by the end of the term I will have ten ideas. I think yours may well be coming next.

    I nice spin off from this post is I now have contact with Craig Smith, the author of Wonky Donkey and we are going to Skype with him tomorrow.

  3. This is incredible with huge potential and possibilities…… I particularly love how it widens and enhances the reading experience for
    kids 🙂

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