Editing the Settings on Your iPad

I have two different schools ask me for advice this week about what needs to be done to limit people from downloading apps on their iPads so that children and parents can’t add rubbish games on them. So here comes a blog post to show you how I have advised them.

First of all go to your settings

Then click on GENERAL and then RESTRICTIONS.

You will be prompted to put in a security code. WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN because you may want to change it and you will need the code to change it at a later date.


While you are there it would be good to change Music and Podcasts to CLEAN. Then push the HOME button and you are done. Children will no longer be able to accidentally delete app and time wasting apps can’t be added.

I can highly recommend Adam Brice’s presentation on further settings that you may like to explore.

7 thoughts on “Editing the Settings on Your iPad

  1. Thanks for this very useful post Allanah. It will save a lot of people time searching for what to do in this situation.

  2. A nice clear description with pretty pinky red. Where I am starting to think the Ipad has a real place is with younger kids. It is a much more direct interface less abstracted. Thanks Allanah.

  3. We posted two blog posts on our site regarding the restriction settings on the iPad and iPhone.

    Feel free to browse our blog for all our internet safety information.

    Dean Stewart
    WebSafety NZ

  4. Hi Allanah,

    Finding your iPad top-tips all over the place and really useful. Nice to meet you the other day BTW.



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