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Sharing and Synching files on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Posted by Allanah King on October 29, 2011

When I try to export from some applications on the iPad I have been emailing them to my laptop but it gives me share as WebDav (WEB based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) as an option. I didn’t know what WebDav was and how to get it.

This morning I sorted it.

Firstly I downloaded the app Box.Net which automatically gives me 50GB of on line storage if you sign up before the end of October- plenty of storage to be going on with.

I then logged in the on my laptop and created a folder to put my iOS files into. I called that folder iPadDocs.

Going back to my Pages document on my iPhone I clicked on the Spanner which took me to Share and Print.

Then I clicked on Copy to WebDav. I had to put in the Server address which was .  The iPadDocs part of the Server Address is the folder that I had made.

You can also put in the server address and it will let you chose which folder to put your files in which would make it easier to file things but maybe make it trickier for little folk to decide where to put their files!!!

I entered my username and password. It then asked me which format I want the upload to be, I clicked COPY  and away it went.

Once it uploaded you can download the files on other iOS devices and share folders with other users.

I hope you find this post useful in sorting a simple way to share docs between devices in your class.

I like that you don’t have to rely on aging school servers to share files and continue working on them.

Let me know how you get on.

2 Responses to “Sharing and Synching files on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad”

  1.   Carol Says:

    You only have to put the server address etc for in once on your iPad, within any app you use – as long as you don’t sign out.

    Also, in apps like Pages and Keynote (and probably others I haven’t had time to look at yet) you can access those files by clicking the + in the Documents section of those apps, and when it says ‘Create Document’ choose WebDAV and you’ll be automatically connected to your file area where you can choose the file you want to open on your iPad.

    Pages appears to only open its own Pages files with this method.

    To open other files, go to the app on your iPad, view the files, and download them, then choose an app to open them with (suitable choices that you have installed are offered in a list).

    I tried this with a photo, and noticed that the Photo app is NOT offered as a choice for opening photos…

    Perhaps, with photos, iCloud may be useful after all (via Photostream).

  2.   Sandy Anderson Says:

    Many thanks for those helpful comments Allanah
    regards Sandy


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