What I want my teachers to know about me

At the end of last year I asked my Year Four students to record their thoughts on an open Google Presentation

What were the five things that they wanted their new teacher in Year Five to know about them.

Here is the link to our blog with the embedded Google Presentation.

Have a flick through- the kids wrote some fun stuff.

All well and good. I was reading the class blog of new Twitter follower Hineata Blair from Hamilton East School this morning and was thrilled to see that she is intending to use that sort of idea with her class this year. She asked us what were the five things that you would like your teacher to know about you. I wanted to support what she has done for her children by leaving a comment so I wrote my answers as an adult learner to the people who might teach me in a classroom or lecture theatre.

This is what I wrote…

I want my teachers to know that….

  • I want to be inspired to want to learn what they want to teach me.
  • I want them to understand that I might not learn in the same way that they did when they went to school.
  • I want them to know that I want to be connected to other learners, not just the ones in my classroom.
  • I want them to know that I can show my learning in ways that aren’t writing and drawing a poster.
  • I want them to give me time to play, learn and share things that I want to learn about.
How would YOU answer?

Maybe this could be a meme. I am going to tag some people to write what their five things would be. As you write your answers could you share your thoughts in the comments or write your own post on your blog and link it back to this post. Try tagging five other people to do the same and we can see how big this post can get.






Please just leap in and add your thoughts about the way that YOU like to learn and tag others to do the same.

Here is how I constructed the lesson.


Learning at School Presentation

I am excited and a little nervous about presenting a breakout at the Learning at School Conference in Hamilton next week titled ‘Learning New Things in New Ways- developing a Personal Learning Network‘.

The conference is to be held for the first time in Hamilton at the Claudelands Events Centre and I have nearly 50 participants registered for the breakout. As I am heading to the beach for a couple of days pre-conference and I am not giving out a paper handout the resource I am going to link it here so that everyone who visits the blog can have a look as well and may find it useful.

The abstract for the workshop covers…

	•	Developing a Personal Learning Network-
	•	Twitter
	•	Blogging
	•	Using RSS
	•	Google Tools
	•	Delicious Social Bookmarking
	•	Virtual Learning Network
	•	Creative Commons
	•	QR codes
	•	Sharing your learning with others

I apologise if your name is not on my list of kiwi tweeters for participants to follow but the list is not meant to be comprehensive and is meant as a starter for people to begin developing a PLN.