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Learning at School Presentation

Posted by Allanah King on January 22, 2012

I am excited and a little nervous about presenting a breakout at the Learning at School Conference in Hamilton next week titled ‘Learning New Things in New Ways- developing a Personal Learning Network‘.

The conference is to be held for the first time in Hamilton at the Claudelands Events Centre and I have nearly 50 participants registered for the breakout. As I am heading to the beach for a couple of days pre-conference and I am not giving out a paper handout the resource I am going to link it here so that everyone who visits the blog can have a look as well and may find it useful.

The abstract for the workshop covers…

	•	Developing a Personal Learning Network-
	•	Twitter
	•	Blogging
	•	Using RSS
	•	Google Tools
	•	Delicious Social Bookmarking
	•	Virtual Learning Network
	•	Creative Commons
	•	QR codes
	•	Sharing your learning with others

I apologise if your name is not on my list of kiwi tweeters for participants to follow but the list is not meant to be comprehensive and is meant as a starter for people to begin developing a PLN.

2 Responses to “Learning at School Presentation”

  1.   Angela Lee Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great resource! I’ll direct our teachers to it once we’re back at school, great to have simple to the point instructions and examples from an NZ teacher.

  2.   Fiona Grant Says:

    Another valuable resource Allanah, I will be following L@S online this year. Have a ToD on Thursday and plan to reference your work on the Linked Learning site as we will be exploring blogging for teachers and students.


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