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How I made the Google Slide Show

Posted by Allanah King on February 1, 2012

People have wondered how I made the Google Presentation ‘Five Things My Teacher Needs to Know About Me‘ for my class. So I thought I would share how I did it here.

I just made a Google presentation under my own account- then I made a slide for each student.

I made sure it was open for everyone to edit without a log in.

Then put a link to that presentation on the blog so the children would know where to find it.

Children then went to the blog, clicked on the link, found their slide and filled it in. I believe that twenty people can edit a Google presentation at one time so as many children as there are computers can work on editing.

When everyone has done editing I then close it off by making it so no one can edit it so no cherub could wreck it and write stuff in the holidays that I didn’t know of.

I then put the html embed code on the blog so it would play there.

If all that seems a bit tricky then I have made a three minute tutorial on how to do it.

At Learning at School Kevin Honeycutt suggested that we make learning rewindable- here I have done just that.

If you get stuck you can rewind, pause or stop the video while you practice.

Make it full screen by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the video if you want a better view.


4 Responses to “How I made the Google Slide Show”

  1.   Cherryl Says:

    Thanks Allanah. These instructions work well for me. I look forward to making a presentation with my new class when school begins.

  2.   Phillip Says:

    Thanks Allanah. Great idea and clear ‘rewindable’ instructions!

  3.   Jane Says:

    Thanks for the idea, and for the comment on our blog. I deleted the original posting because I wanted to change the speed of the slide change, so I copied and posted your comment. Cheers!

  4.   Emma Says:

    Great idea – thanks


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