How are you able to promote your blog?

I received an email this morning which lead me to write a blog post to illicite some responses from people as to how they promote their class blog and get some interactions and conversations happening through it.

“My kids are very eager to share their learning with others and link up with other schools. In your experience with class blogs, how were you able to promote your blogs with other schools and countries?”

My response…

  • Firstly I would post regular updates on our own blog so that people have something new to read, or look or listen to at on their next visit.
  • To promote our class blog firstly I made connections with others teachers who blog.
  • Find like a ‘gym buddy’ – another teacher or class who is keen to link up and learn with you.
  • To do that I would read their blogs and leave comments for them on their blog. I would maybe do this first as just a teacher and see if they post regularly and are keen for some kind of dialogue. You don’t want to waste your time leaving feedback on a blog that isn’t being updated and monitored.
  • I would definitely join Twitter and make connections and learn that way. Once on Twitter you can link to your blog and add the hashtag #comments4kids and other teachers/classes may make connections for you.
  • And I would put links on the side bar of the class blog to the other blogs that you regularly converse with. Not too many because you could loose track but your favourite ones that post and comment often.
  • Quadblogging is another cool concept- David Mitchell on Twitter has initiated a project where four classes get together and take turn about being the centre of attention and leaving of comments. The web site links classes together globally but we have just done it informally with a couple of nearby schools with good success and enthusiasm in the participating classes.
  • The idea of sending out a travel toy like Kirsten McGhie does in her class is also a great idea to spread news of your blog around. Here is Kirsten’s EdTalk video about here travel toy.

  •  Generally just think of fun ways to engage children with your blog- make it interactive and interesting. Write posts that incite interest and conversation- leave things open ended.

  • Lastly I would make sure that every piece of paper that goes out from your class has the blog address on it so the parent / whanau community know where on the web you are. I would also make sure that your blog is linked from the school web site so that visitors cruising the web can easily find you.

What suggestions do you have for promoting your class blog that you can add to help Katie?

4 thoughts on “How are you able to promote your blog?

  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading this post! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with all of your suggestions for increasing readership on a class blog. Twitter has been an amazing way to develop a more global audience for us. Posting weekly … and regularly … has been important. As well, responding to people’s comments has been very, very important. We teach our students that if someone has taken the time to leave a comment, then it is important to continue the relationship by responding to the comment, and engaging the reader further by even asking questions, if it fits with the comment that has been left for us. We have only been blogging for just over two months, now. At the beginning, we spent a great deal of time, (time WELL invested), teaching our students HOW to respond to comments left on the blog. It has been amazing to watch them grow in their sense of audience and their ability to craft thoughtful replies! We have an “old school” paper chart, posted in the room, which clearly outlines the steps to writing meaningful comments and replies!
    Thanks for a great post – I will definitely retweet this one!
    Laurie Renton (@RentonL)

  2. Thank you Laurie,

    My own class blog has had close to 90,000 views over the years it has been going which leads me to another thing. Never delete your blog or take down posts unless specifically requested to by a parent or child. I still have visits and comments from students who have left to go on to high school.

    The current class can find their blog posts because we have labelled their posts by name but older students can find their posts because the blog has a search widget.

    I have seen another blog where the posts and comments are printed off and made into a wall display.

    Anything to give the blog some prominence.

  3. Thanks for the awesome list of ideas. I’ve created a Twitter account and will get tweeting! I’ve also been exploring ePals as a way to connect globally.

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