Petals and Flower Centres

Today with maths with the New Entrants we were learning one to one counting from the Addition and Subtraction Numeracy Book.

At first we did the activity with numbers and counters putting the correct number of petals around the number.

The more eagle-eyed of you might notice that the photo I quickly took on my iPad has actually nine petals around the flower!!!!! Part of the problem was that we didn’t know where we started to count from! The issue was over come when we did it on the iPad because we knew where to start counting from.

After we had mastered it with actual things we extended the activity by drawing in SketchTime ($2:59NZ) on the iPad. I recently bought ReflectionApp for $14.99US so that I can wirelessly mirror my iPad onto my laptop. I then used Quicktime to record the laptop screen the give you a short tutorial on how we did it.

Best Dozen iPad Apps

Next week I have been asked to share some of my iPad learning with teachers from the Greater Christchurch School Network.

They wanted an interesting concept. Say I could only get a dozen apps for my iPad apart from the ones they came with out of the box.

What would they be?

A hard decision. I am not a big fan of teachers buying ten different apps that do the same thing so am trying to rise to the challenge to pick my dozen must haves.

I teach Year Four a lot so am looking at it from a Year Four teacher’s perspective but these apps go well across a whole primary school.

So here is the  link to what I think are the apps that I consider to be indispensable.

I couldn’t decide on the twelfth app so made it a link to a Google Doc for you to write what YOU think should be included.