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Posted by Allanah King on August 22, 2012

This is a test post with a work in progress to see if my idea works.

It does! This is Chirp! Chirp! is like an audio QR Code. By having the free Chirp iPhone/iPad app open you can beam images, notes and URL’s by sound waves. I recorded the sound file produced when I made this note with Divshare so you can practice.

It is real easy to use to beam photos between iPads when you haven’t got email set up on them. Kids will love it!

Here is the sound file again as a link that can be played with out Flash. You will still need another device to receive the Chirp.

So what you have to do is download Chirp! Have it open and listen to the chirp. The first person to write what I chirped in the comments gets a surprise present.

The Chirp team have plans for an Android app but aren’t quite there yet!

6 Responses to “Chirp!”

  1.   Michelle Hill Says:

    Hello. Nice to meet you. This is like an audio QR code. Cheers, Allanah.

    It’s really cool! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2.   mrsk Says:

    Hi Allanah! It’s nice you meet you too! I love this! Leanne

  3.   Michelle Simms Says:

    It says “Hello. Nice to meet you. This is like an audio QR code Cheers, Allanah.

    That is so cool!!

  4.   Mark Buckland Says:

    Don’t know if this is going to work or not, but we’ll have a go. Sorry I haven’t been reading your. Log for a while Allanah. Need to get back on the wagon!!!!

  5.   Allanah King Says:

    Hey Mark

    That’s the picture you wanted to send and that arrived fine via the link but the fun of Chirp is the sending and receiving of the little chirpy sound and you need the audio for that!!!


  6.   mrshoward118 Says:

    I seems like students could ‘chirp’ a vocabulary words, spelling words, quiz questions, etc. to each other as a fun interactive way to learn. Thanks for the app recommendation. See more technology applied in the classroom at

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