Apple sMACdown

One of the regular highlights of #Ulearn12 is the Apple Smacdown where Apple Distinguished Educators and Apple fan people share their favourite Apple apps or learning in a fast paced sharing session.

Everyone only gets two minutes to share their stuff and all their links must be on line and readily clickable.

Dorothy Burt and Fiona Grant kick things off and everyone takes turns to share their stuff. It is a great session with last year’s smacdown and participants contributions listed.

Take a look at the cool sharing and learning. You can still add your own cool tips to add to the resource.

One thought on “Apple sMACdown

  1. Hello, my name is Shannon Watson and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your post. I think this Apple Smacdown is very interesting. The link you put up about “your own cool tips to add to the resources” was very interesting. I clicked on a couple of people links and was surprised with the stuff that they shared. I’m glad I got a chance to see and read the links!

    An EDM310 Student Shannon 🙂

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