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I have the privilege to be asked to share some of my thinking around Modern Learning Environments in Auckland this week. The day was hosted by TTS and held at Sorento. Here is my presentation so participants can click on the links and easily find the resources that I am sharing. As always I think of other things I need to add after I have published something but as my mate, Kevin Honeycutt says, ‘Don’t wait to be good at something before you do it’. Here is my something!

All of my favourite apps that I use in my classroom or see the potential of are on my initial iPad set up site for people new to iPads who want to know where to start.

I add to it all the time as I come across new things and occasionally ditch things as something better comes along. My most used apps are those where we get to create things, to make things and learn things.

All of the links in the presentation below should work too to take you straight to the app link in iTunes.

There were some strange participants at the conference!

One thought on “Modern Learning Environment

  1. Hi, my name is Shannon Watson and I am an EDM310 student. I really enjoyed watching your presentation. It allowed me to think of creative ideas I could use to help teach children. It seen like using an iPad to help children learn is very helpful. I think by teaching on an iPad is a good idea because it allows the kids to experience things on their own and how to have fun doing it. I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this post!

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