e-Learning to support Mathematics and Bookmarking

I had a request to support teachers as they participate in a Numeracy professional learning contract. Here are my quick resources around that area. I have purposely added links to my Delicious on line bookmarks so that the resource will continue to be useful as the links are continuously being updated and stay current.

I urge everyone to save their favourite places on the web to Delicious or Diigo. Storing your favourites in the cloud is way safer than storing them locally on your laptop.

For the bookmarks I do store locally on my laptop I use Xmarks which synches the same local bookmarks across all my laptops (TELA and Home) and all my browsers- Chrome, Safari, Firefox and potentially Internet Explorer. It’s a stunning tool to use as my bookmarks are then in the same place no matter what device I am using- TELA laptop or MacBook.

As an example of how useful cloud storage is I recently, mistakenly, deleted an entire folder of much used bookmarks from my laptop. Disaster averted as I re-synched back from XMarks.

One thought on “e-Learning to support Mathematics and Bookmarking

  1. Hi, my name is Shannon Watson and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I’m glad I got the chance to view your blog again. I really enjoyed looking at your powerpoint presentation. I clicked on a couple of the links you posted and I found it very helpful when I clicked on the problem solving list. I even catch myself trying to figure out some of the problems. 🙂

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