New Beginnings

Here we start with a new beginning for the new year. 2013 heralds very much a new beginning for me for, after being at school for 50 years I have been offered a job with CORE Education. It was all a bit rushed as I resigned from Appleby School on the second to last day of 2012 school year. It was a big move for me to leave but I felt it was the right thing to do as these opportunities don’t come round often in life and when they do you have to make the most of them cos’ you might not get a second chance.

CORE Education is a non for profit organisation part of the Te Toi Tipu consortium of providers with a Ministry of Education contract to deliver professional development for teachers. They are the organisation that run the Learning at School and ULearn conferences and provide the structure behind the ICTPD clusters that have been running so successfully for the last decade or so. Here is what the consortium is all about….

  • We have considerable expertise all areas of education, and currently provide professional learning and development programmes for the Ministry of Education in the areas of literacy, leadership and assessment, e-learning and te reo Māori.
  • We have a strong focus on providing professional learning and development which gets results, and we have highly skilled facilitators, and a strong monitoring and evaluation programme to ensure this is the case.
  • We are committed to improving outcomes for students who have been under-served in the education system. This includes a strong focus on ensuring success for Māori students, Pasifika students and students with special education needs.

I have started working as a BeL (Blended eLearning Facilitator) at the end of the January school holidays. These long school holidays will be my last as CORE only have one month’s leave — just like real folk.

Working as a Blended eLearning Facilitator I will be able to work in depth with a small number of schools similarly to the goals of our cluster over the last three years.

I will still be able to support what was the Link Learning ICTPD cluster though with the BeL position being for four days a week, leaving one flexi day a week to work to keep the cluster and the network we have made over the last three years going strong.

It is the best of both worlds and an opportunity too good to miss.

The sky is the limit.



5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. You Go Girl,
    Good on ya, change is good. You will be such a HUGE asset to each and every school that is lucky enough to have the opportunity to share in your experience, your thinking and your learning. I’m sure Appleby were sad to see you ‘go’ but also proud of the influence their environment has had on your journey.
    I’m looking forward to the next time our paths cross…….probably Ulearn.
    All the very best,

  2. Sounds like the most wonderful opportunity!


    I am inspired by you and have been since I began my e-Learning journey about 8 years ago. Greg said to me “there’s two teachers in Nelson you should watch and follow…” The two teachers were you and Rachel and I have to admit, that conversation was professionally life changing. I wish that I was confident and out going to have tapped into you more face to face in the past but I am one of those typically shy people. I do need to thank you for the sharing and mentoring you have provided over the years.

    I am hoping you will be as accessible…

    Enjoy your year ahead, Allannah!

  3. You are a great role model for students and other teachers with your positive attitude and your willingness to take risks and continue with your learning. You are certainly an inspiration to me!

  4. Hi Allanah,

    As I stated in my last comment I’m an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama. Congratulations on the job offer. From reading your blog, I can see you are a vvery influential educator. I am sure your ideas and talents will be greatly appreciated wherever the path of life leads you. I couldn’t agree more with you that the sky is the limit.

    Laura Carpenter

  5. Congratulations my friend! And what a fantastic BeL you will be too! CORE really knows how to pick ’em!
    Looking forward to hearing how your own learning journey and the journey of those you come into contact with continues throughout the year

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