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Almost as Good As Being There

Posted by Allanah King on May 17, 2013

Today I had the pleasure of reading to the children of Tua Marina School as part of their fabulous book week. Barbara Keane had organised guest readers to come in each day at 10:30 to read to the children.

Today was their wonderful dress up as a book character day and I got to read the first chapter of one of one of my favourites classics….. The Iron Man.

I had managed to source an on line version of the Iron Man as well so senior children could continue reading and finish off the story if they were inspired to do so.

I used Call Recorder on my MacBook to record the reading, edited the length a bit with Quicktime and uploaded it to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure!!

We talk about working blended and flipping the classroom- well here is one way how that might happen. It certainly saves on travel and time. And I love reading to kids and seeing the light in their eyes.

And at the end I got thanked by a real princess Cinderella!!!

Iron Man from Allanah King on Vimeo.

One avid reader of this blog read the story to his children who set about on a wet Saturday to do a little creating. Very cool response to reading!!!!


2 Responses to “Almost as Good As Being There”

  1.   Allanah King Says:

    I took the liberty of posting the feedback from the Tua Marina End…..

    Thank you for taking the time to join us. We could hear you loud and clear and I wish you could have seen some of the reactions from the kids. Some sitting with their eyes closed drawing pictures in their head as you read and others hiding behind their hands during the passage where the hand was holding the eye. All in all a great experience.The kids love Skype and to see it being used as part of our learning has started them thinking of other ways we can use it. They are keen to try it out as part of their Inquiry Learning process.

  2.   Stuart Cooke Says:

    Great idea might give this a go

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