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A conversation with a teaching colleague today prompted me to think more deeply about school newletters and their uses as a means to connect home and school.

Pre-digital times they used to be typed up and photocopied off by someone and sent out to all families or one was given to the oldest/youngest child of a whānau to hopefully get out of the school bag and read by someone before getting lost in the melee of worksheets that often lie dying in the bottom of a school bag along with the apple cores, crusts and dribbling yoghurt containers.

Then people started adding photos which was lovely until they wanted to be in colour.

Then along came the internet and the newsletters are emailed out with the non-internet families still being given a hard copy.

I know of some school newsletters that are 4MB- imagine what that does to a dial up connection- yes there are still people who are on dial up!

Some schools just send out an email with a link to the newsletter- that wouldn’t take up bandwidth as such but I wonder how many do actually take the time to open the attachment or click on the link.

With the rise of social media I wonder where the school newsletter now sits? More and more schools are now using Facebook or Twitter to update what schools are doing and what is coming up for them.

Are emailed school newsletters are thing of the past?

This short Twitter conversation gives both side of the debate.

What do you think?


Chalkboard Newsletter drawn by Allanah with Draw Board iPad app.


One thought on “School Newsletters

  1. I have had a long discussion with our office staff at our school re newsletters and communication with parents. Our secretary is convinced that for our school community that doing “old fashioned really well” is the way to go: ie the colour photocopied newsletter. I want to set up a link on our website to a mailing list that interested parents can subscribe to the digital version. Once that has been advertised, we’ll see how many actually subscribe to the online version as opposed to the paper one. Staff seem to think that it won’t work… but let’s see with our community. Nothing like not trying.

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