Searching on Your iPad by Using Handwriting

We were sharing at a school the new conversational Google Voice Searching in Chrome on your laptop– a real WOW moment.

Then the question inevitably turned to ‘Can you do that on an iPad?’ Well no you can’t but then you can’t do this on your laptop!

Enable Handwrite so you can use your finger to write with when performing a Google Search.

4 thoughts on “Searching on Your iPad by Using Handwriting

  1. You can do it on an iPad. Just use the google app and you will see the microphone there. It has been functional for a long time as I remember using it last year.

  2. Yes you can do a voice search just with the ordinary searching but conversational searching is when you ask a question orally of Google and Google responds orally.

    Then you ask another question, related to the first one and Google responds orally- like a conversation.

    Try it on a laptop- it is very, very cool. And only a few weeks old!!!

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