What’s On Your Horizon?

I have been asked to share some of my learning around what is just around the corner for the future orientated learning and teaching for the Nelson Principals’ Association at Lake Rotoiti.

Without wanting to geek out too much I looked at the 2013 K-12 Horizon Report, CORE Education’s Ten Trends, the NZ Curriculum Update and my personal learning network.

I also wanted the session to not only share what I think is on the horizon but to also engage and involve the principals so the presentation is mainly videos. This made the Keynote huge so for publication here and as a reference I just took screengrabs and linked to the videos.

To view the Keynote in large text format click here. The links don’t work in presentation view but if you download it as a pdf that will all work.

Keynote Presentation

I then want the Keynote to lead to a discussion around the NZ Curriculum Update Issue 26 October 2012 and what the themes that underpin a future orientated learning system might mean for individual and groups of schools.

  • Personalised learning
  • Rethinking Learning and Teaching Roles
  • A culture of continuous learning for teachers and educational leaders
  • New views of equity and diversity
  • A curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity
  • New kinds of partnerships and realationships

To download the presentation click on the picture and click on the download button as in this screengrab.


Book Creator to Web

Today I was facilitating a couple of iPad workshops and I was asked  about the workflow I would use to have books made with Book Creator on the iPad available on the web for adding to a blog or other online space.

Here are a couple of ways of doing it.

1. The first was is to use Reflector.app  that you download onto your laptop to mirror your iPad onto your laptop screen. Reflector costs about $25NZ or $12.99US. Then I would use Quicktime on my Apple or Jing on a PC to record the screen as the book was playing.

And then I would upload that video that I had made to Vimeo to embed on my blog.

Here is a little video of that happening. I apologise that these tutorial videos are not fabulous but hopefully you will get the idea of what is happening in each one.

Book Creator to Quicktime from Allanah King on Vimeo.

2. The second way costs no money at all. You send the book to your laptop via email if it is small or via something like Dropbox if it is larger. Then you move to your laptop and open up Chrome web browser. You use the Chrome extension Readium with your Chrome web browser. Open the Book Creator ePub in Readium and the audio and video will play.

This is great for adding another way to read/play your favourite books created with Book Creator.

I am told on good authority that the new Mavericks OS for Apple will be able to read ePub without needed the Chrome web extension. This will make it one step easier.

Then you can record the screen using Quicktime or Jing as before.

Here is a little video of that happening.

Book Creator to Readium from Allanah King on Vimeo.