Time 4 On Line

Last week I got an email from Krista Swanner, a 4th grade teacher at Oak Grove School in California, who was wanting to know how I put things together in my classroom. Not wanting to spend hours answering her I tried to find my TeacherTube video I made in 2007 for the Time4OnLine Conference and they had changed the web address for it so it took a lot of mucking about to see it so I re-uploaded it to YouTube. The original video has had over 29,000 views which is quite amazing as I haven’t looked at it myself for a year or so and I haven’t aged at all!

The basic organisation of how I worked things has changed a bit but the basics still hold true- IMHO anyway.

A Helping Hand Across the Oceans

Having plenty of time to play as you do when you are on leave I took it into my head and via one of my comments to put a Clustrmap on this blog. I registered for Clustrmap as you do and spent and hour or so trying to find out where to put the html. No luck- nothing worked. What to do??? It was close to one in the morning and I don’t like going to bed before these sorts of things are sorted!!!!!


Why Twitter of course! I put out a general tweet for help. Miguel Guhlin leapt in to offer assistance. After asking a couple of pertinent questions he had helped me track down a tutorial in doing exactly what I needed and the job was done.

Graham Wegner also volunteered a hand but arrived a little later into the conversation.

It was a powerful example for me of collaborative learning with Web2.0 tools between Miguel in USA in the early hours of yesterday and myself in the early hours of his tomorrow!