Professional Development & Presentations

June 2013 Presented a ‘Getting to Know Your iPad workshop at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate in Auckland.

June 2013 Attended two day LaunchMe professional development with Kevin Honeycutt and Ginger Lewman in Christchurch.

May 2013 Attended the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney and became a Google Certified Teacher.

April/May 2013 Presented iPad/ Blogging and Google workshops at the Nelson Learning at School Conference/ Auckland BYO Conference and Ashburton Ennovate  Conference.

April 2013 Attended the Apple Distinguished Educator Summit in Bali.

November 2012 Modern Learning Environment Conference- presented two workshops- ‘Learning with an iPad’.

October ULearn12 Transforming Learning with an iPad, Developing a Personal Learning Network, Apple Smackdown

October 2012 Attended New Zealand’s first Google Apps for Educators Summit at Albany Senior High School

August 2012 Attended the Apple Distinguished Educators Educamp in Auckland, focussing on networking and movie making.

July 2012 Attended the Slide2Learn Conference in Melbourne based around iPad deployment and applications.

June 2012 Presented three workshops for the GCSN in Christchurch around Learning with an iPad.

May 2012 Presented two workshops at Tauranga Intermediate on Developing a Personal Learning Network and Using an iPad for Learning.

May 2012 Attended Orewa College BYOD conference and toured three innovative Auckland Schools- Murray’s Bay Intermediate, Summerland and Hingaia Peninsula.

April 2012 Attended a day long seminar with Cheryl Doig based around Leadership

April 2012 Mobile Learning Conference at Albany Senior High School. I presented a workshop ‘Transforming Learning with an iPad’.

February 2012 Again asked to sit on the Horizon Report Advisory Board.

January 2012 Presented a workshop at Learning at School on Developing a Personal Learning Network.

December 2011 Workshop presentation on Using QR codes in the Classroom for the K12 Online Conference.

November 2011 Article ‘The Yellow Brick ICT Road” in Education Review Magazine distributed to all NZ schools.

October 2011 Delivered a keynote presentation at Kaharoa Cluster, Rotorua.

October 2011 Presented the ULearn11 preconference day on Connecting to the world through Blogging.

June 2011 Delivered the keynote presentation at iTeam Tauranga’s Cluster Day. ‘Keeping It Real’.

April/May 2011 Served on the Advisory Board of the K-12 Horizon Report– a global collaboration pointing a way forward to trends in education for the next 1-5 years.

April 2011 Attended Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Sydney and am now an Apple Distinguished Educator.

February 2011 Book to which I contributed a chapter was launched at Learning at School. eLearnings- Implementing a Natioanal Strategy for ICT in Education, 1998-2010.

February 2011 Attended Learning at Schools Conference in Rotorua, presented a workshop, Introductory Blogging. Interviewed for EdTalks video.

February 2011 Invited to sit on the Advisory Board of the Horizon Report advising on new and emerging technologies likely to impact learning and teaching in the near future.

October 2010 lead a group of 17 Nelson teachers to ULearn10 Conference in Christchurch and presented one workshop.

October 2010 Published keynote presentation for K12 OnLine Conference strand- A Week in the Classroom.

October 2010 Organised a group of 17 from Nelson to attend #ULearn10 in Christchurch. Presented a workshop- The World is my Classroom.

August 2010 Attended lecture by Greg Gebhert on Cyber Safety in Blenheim.

July 2010 Appointed as ICT Facilitator for Regional Link Learning ICTPD cluster in Nelson– working four days a week with the cluster and one day a week with my class, Moturoa, at Appleby School.

July 2010 Presented four workshops, two at Kio Kio School in Hamilton and two at Southwell School- the World is my Classroom.

April 2010 Presented two workshops titled The World is My Classroom at the Cutting Edge Conference organised by the Mana Education Centre at Porirua.

March 2010 Presented a workshop called ‘Using Wikis to Promote Learning in Science‘ at Sitech IWB Conference in Wellington. Blogged about my learning at the conference here and here.

March 2010 Presented two workshops for teachers in Wairarapa and Palmerston North on blogging and using Web 2.0 tools.

October 2009 Attended and presented a workshop on podcasting at ULearn Conference 2009.

October 2009 Class Blog Nominated as a finalist in the Interface Magazine Best Class Blog.

September 2009 Presented a blogging workshop for the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour National Conference.

August 2009 Attended a day PD session with Dr Alison Davis on Teaching Reading Comprehension.

May 2009 Asked to present a workshop on use of Web 2.0 tools at Collingwood Area School.

February 2009 Presented three workshops at the Learning at School Conference in Rotorua.

February 2009 An article featuring this blog was published in the New Zealand Educational Gazette.

December/January 2008/09 Travelled to United Kingdom and Bangkok– linking up with educational leaders along the way.

October 2008 Finalist in the 2008 Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award. Presented a poster for the award.

October 2008 Participant and presenter at ULearn08. Presented workshops ‘From podcast to iTunes’, On-Line Adobe Applications and Twitter-microblogging.

September 2008 Invited to speak on podcasting and how I embed ICT into my primary school classroom at the Whangarei South Cluster’s Lead Teacher Day and cluster share.

August 2008 As part of ICT PD Online’s online theme, YouBlog: Blog yourself, I was guest speaker for an audio conference about using blogging to support teaching and learning. Here are the notes from that session coutesy of Angela Page from CORE Education.

July 2008 Attended Adobe Educational Leaders global conference in San Francisco-learning about new Adobe products, delving deeply into Adobe software and networking with other Adobe Educational Leaders.

June 2008 Presented two workshops at Waimarino ICTPD cluster mini-conference in Tauranga. One on Embedding ICT into classroom practice, the other on podcasting.

June 2008 Attended Adobe Educational Leadership Meet-up in Sydney, Australia- learning more about the role of an AEL. Received Adobe Creative Master Suite3 and a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to use and become more familiar with- part of the Adobe family.

March 2008 Presented two workshops on blogging at Blenheim ICTPD cluster mini-conference.

February 2008 Offered Adobe Educational Leadership role

January 2008 Accepted position of ICT Facilitator for Discover IT Tasman ICTPD cluster.

December2007-March 2008 Participated as an ‘expert voice’ in Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson’s Personal Learning Network professional development opportunity with a cohort of American educators.

February 2007 Accepted as an Adobe Educational Leader- an incredible opportunity to make connections with educators from around the globe and become more knowledgeable about a widely used range of software options.

February 2008Lead a group of nine teachers to Learning at School ICT conference in Rotorua. Able to participate in a variety of workshops to better assist me in my new role.

February 2008 Took a year’s leave from Appleby School to act as ICT Facilitator for Discover IT Tasman ICTPD Cluster based at Motueka High School.

3-5 October 2007 Participation and contribution to ULearn 2007 – presented two workshops- one on adding Bling to your Blog and the other on Connecting globally with podcasting.

16 September 2007 Participated in an Elluminate workshop with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach at the Shanghai Learning 2.0 Conference. Session focussed on how to create a classroom learning ecology where teachers and students learn from each other and content experts from around the world.

14 September 2007 led a podcasting workshop at Brightwater School with our local Waimea South ICTPD cluster.

13 September 2007 Lead a workshop session with Waimea South ICT Cluster on adding features to blogs using a blog created especially for the purpose.

3 September 2007 Attended a live workshop on podcasting with Joe Dale presenting at PodcampUK in Birmingham UK via video link.

21 August 2007 Added a cluster map to this blog- received 700+ hits in twenty days from all over the globe showing just how incredible on-line networking is.



ClustrMaps - map of visitor locations - zoom map
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August 2007 Part of the blind peer-review team for the K12 Online worldwide Conference. The blind peer-review team was a world-wide collaboration of Web2.0 educators to select presentations from nominations for the conference.

July 15 2007 Called on to lead one branch of a cross-continental event where educators in NZ, Australia and USA linked via Skype to talk about their practice and how they use Web2.o technologies.

5 June 2007 Our Skype conversation with America’s Cup athlete, Rob Waddell, televised on TVNZ national news needing television crews to co-ordinate in Nelson and Valencia, Spain.

28 May- June 8 July 2007 participated in keynote presentation by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and presented a workshop at TimeOnline Conference via on-line Teacher Tube video ‘One Woman’s Wanderings with Web2.o

April 20 2007 Dr David Whitehead PD day- developing future focussed literate thinkers.

April 2 2007 with Jill Eggleton ‘Lighting the Literacy Fire‘ -education is not about filling the pail but of lighting the fire.

Jan-April 2007 Using Tapped In I acted as guest lecturer at College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, mentoring pre-service teachers learning to use 21st century learning and teaching tools.

28 March 2007 Learning how to use Access-It 8 the new version of Library Accessioning Software.

18 March 2007 Lead a workshop at the TUANZ Conference (Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand). Workshop chronicled extra features you can use when blogging.

2 March 2007 Presented a workshop at Learning at School Conference in Rotorua on podcasting. I also managed to spend a short time with David Warlick- creator of Blogmeister Blogs and Web2.0 evangelist.

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  1. Kia Ora Allanah- really enjoy your work! A while back you referenced some research regarding the positive impacts of digital learning in schools. Not sure if it was a VLN post or on your blog. I just want to share some of this with parent community at our school. Any direction would be appreciated.

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