Throughout the life of the Link Learning ICTPD Cluster I have written a number of resource websites for our cluster & to help me understand things better and thought it would be good to list and share them more widely.

  • Getting Good With Google : support for working with Google- searching, Google Docs, Google Presentations, Google Reader for RSS, Picassa Web Albums, Google’s Blogger,  images, Google Sites and more.
  • Setting up a new iPad : This Google site contains hyperlinks to my favourite iPad apps and tips on setting up an iPad for the first time.
  • Cyber Safety : Charles Newton and I co-wrote this site after researching the ten most concerning aspects of surfing the web. It is followed by a page for resourcing a presentation to parents or schools.
  • Wikis for Classroom Use : I made this to support a workshop I lead in Upper Hutt on the uses and construction of wikis.
  • Developing a Personal Learning Network : This is the resource page for a workshop I lead at Learning at School 2012. We looked at Twitter, Blogging, developing an RSS feed, Google collaborative tools, Sharing your practice,  Creative Commons and QR codes.
  • Best Class Blog Posts: The Google site is used and a showcase of some of the best blog posts from around New Zealand.
  • Navigating the VLN : (Virtual Learning Network) The VLN can be a bit of a minefield. This site will help you manage it and get the most from it.
  • Digital Storytelling : This site helps support Digital Storytelling across our cluster as we head towards the MADE Awards it the end of Term Three.
  • Digital Citizen Ship : I am building a resource to support Digital Citizenship and the use of Creative Commons.
  • Bling4yrBlog : This is a blog I wrote to support people who use Blogger to blog with their classes. It contains tutorials on how to add functionality to your blog.
  • How to podcast wiki : This wiki will give you lots of resources and examples around the how and why podcasting is such a powerful tool for teachers and learners.

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hi there Allanah. I have merely scratched the surface here but, what a wealth of information lining up to be sourced 🙂 Thank you for being so generous in sharing your learning. I look fwd to on-sharing this link with others! Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi Allanah, have included your ‘Developing a Personal Learning Network’ presentation as part of our 2013 orientation, great resource.


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