Virtual Highway

Virtual Highway
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Paul Wilkinson just posted this rather excellent find- Virtual Highway– which is a wonderful Google mash-up of a Google map of New Zealand and video of what the drive actually looks like. As the video plays a little car moves along the highway keeping in synch with the video. Here is a screen grab of part of my commute. Way cool.

Riminiscences of David Kinane‘s Amazing Journey.

Thanks Paul- hours of fun here!

Art Rage

It has been a while since I have played with Art Rage but since I am busy migrating from my old computer to my new I thought I had better get the latest upgrade. What a wonderful Kiwi made product.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

There is a free version of Art Rage to download which is fully functioning but has access to less of the drawing/painting tools than the paid version. Good to play with until you get hooked. Last year Art Rage offered Kiwis licences for $1 each you can’t get any better than that so we bought 25! It is available now on PC or Mac for $25NZ.

There is a really good forum linked to their website for sharing your finished work and collaborating with various users’ nominated themes.

I am a pathetic artist but managed to create this masterpiece by using a photo from iPhoto (it meshes like any other Apple product) and used it as a template to grab colours and textures from. Seeing I took the original photo and painted the textured layers you can probably say it was the best art work I have ever created.

You can bet it will be one of the first things I will play with when I get a Mimio interactive whiteboard to play with for the year.